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What are eyelash extensions?


Eyelash extensions are individual, synthetic fibers that are applied one by one to your natural eyelashes. Lash extensions give instant length, thickness and curl without the daily hassle of mascara. The look or design of your application can vary greatly, from natural to very dramatic. Factors that affect the design include the density, length and curl of each lash extension used.


How long will eyelash extensions last?


Lash extensions typically last 3-4 weeks with proper aftercare and maintenance. The typical growth cycle of the natural lash is 45-60 days, so it is normal to notice natural shedding of your lash extensions. There are a number of factors that may affect the growth cycle of natural lashes- age, medication, hormonal imbalances. It’s important to remember that the growth cycle may vary from client to client, so some may need fills sooner than others. When it’s time for a fill, new lash extensions will be applied to the new natural lashes that have grown in (pending the lash is long/strong enough). Extensions that have grown out/too long for the natural lash, or lash design, will be removed and new extensions will be applied.


How are lash extensions applied?


After thorough consultation, application begins by taping down the lower lashes with gel pads/medical tape. This will prevent the lower lashes from becoming glued to the top, and also protects the skin from the tips of the tools used to apply the extensions. The natural lashes are then primed with a solution that will help remove any natural oil/debris from the hair. Each natural lash is then isolated individually, while an extension is applied a few millimeters away from the lash line. You will feel your lash artist move back and forth from eye to eye during this process, which will take two to three hours for a full set and one to one and a half hours for a fill.


Will my natural lashes be damaged?


No! Natural lash health is one of the top priorities at Le Cil. The length and density of the natural lash are always the first things considered when determining a plan for your eye design. Lash extensions are very versatile. The extension length, weight, and curl will always be appropriate for your natural lash strength.


How close to my wedding/special event should I get my lashes done?


For brides, we recommend getting a full set put on 5-6 weeks before your wedding, especially if this is your first time with lash extensions. Wedding lashes usually differ greatly from “every day” lashes. Due to the photography/heavier makeup, your lashes will need to be more dramatic as well. If you’re not used to having dramatic lashes this may seem like a lot at first, so we recommend having a full set applied to get used to them, and getting a fill the week of the wedding, increasing volume.


Lash Maintenance:


Following proper aftercare instructions is crucial to extending the longevity of your lash extensions. It is very important to avoid rubbing/pulling your eyes or lash line. It is important to avoid any oil-based cleansers or cosmetics, which can loosen the bonds of the adhesive. It is also recommended to avoid direct contact with water for the first 24 hours following your appointment. Lashes should be cleansed regularly to avoid buildup of natural oil/dead skin/makeup on the lash line.

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