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Classic lashes are considered “one to one” lash extensions- one lash extension to one natural lash. These are considered a more traditional technique. This technique is best suited for clients who have thicker natural lashes but want to add more length, or clients who prefer a more natural look.


Full Set: $250 Fill: $85




Volume lash extensions are customized for every client. This application can vary from being natural to very full and dramatic. Volume extensions are a fraction of the weight of a classic extension, therefore we are able to add more than one extension to each natural lash (these are called fans). At Le Cil, each fan is individually handmade for every natural lash, we never use pre-made. Fans can range from 2D-6D, which translates to 2-6 volume extensions per fan. The number of lash extensions per fan will depend on the health of your natural lashes.


Full Set: $300 Fill: $110 Two-Week Fill: $95




Hybrid is a mix of classic and volume lash extensions. Hybrid lashes are typically applied in a 70-30 ratio (this is variable). Hybrid lashes typically offer a more textured look, ad are great for adding slightly more volume to long/strong lashes.


Full Set: $275 Fill: $95


New Client Fill


All new clients with existing lash extensions will be required to book a “new client fill.” With a recent surge in lash artists in our industry, we cannot know for certain what your current extensions will look like. There have been multiple times new clients have come in with their

lashes in bad shape (too much adhesive/ natural lashes stuck together). Working over another artist’s application has proven to be tricky at times, so this will require extra time.


New Client Fill: $150

Lash Removal:


Lash extensions should always be professionally removed. We have a removal solution specially formulated to break down the bonds of the adhesive without causing any damage to the natural lash.


Removal: $50

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